As a young child, I began studying darkroom photography as a way to get out of participating in any sort of group sport or performing arts activity. I inherited an old Pentax K1000 from my mom and never even considered the possibility of using color film in it. The cold, red room was my sanctuary from all things uncomfortable or chaotic, and it was the one place I felt completely competent. It was a passion I stuck with for years but sometime during middle school, in between smoking cigarettes and my first boyfriend, I stopped making time for it. I never stopped taking pictures, but digital replaced film, I sold my enlarger at a yard sale, and I was content using a point and shoot to document my adventures or things I loved....

Until I gave birth to my daughter.

Finley Mae (my MinFin) was too beautiful, and too special, and I was no longer satisfied with any camera that required me to use a flash or which overpowered the indigo glow that she radiates naturally. A new friend generously taught me the art of DSLR on an original rebel. And just as the thrill I used to get sitting down with my magnifier to inspect my negatives, I fell in love with the capability of being able to shoot life as my eye sees it. I am incredibly fortunate that there are people who believe in me and have made it possible for me to turn my passion for photography into my career.A basement darkroom has been replaced by a studio, which is invaluable during the grey winter months here on Cape Cod, but I prefer chasing natural light at any given opportunity.

At the risk of sounding uncertain or unprofessional, I admit I do not have a niche, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I was blessed with a photographic memory. I have been a photographer all my life and will remain one long after I can operate a camera. I see Life in images, and I just want to take great pictures, every day. I thrive and find comfort and inspiration by maintaining variety in my work. I am available for portrait, lifestyle, and architectural shoots, and I create a killer pop-up studio for photo booths at events! I am continually working to master new techniques and welcome a challenge.